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Where Your Money Goes

Travis Heights Elementary School’s 75th Anniversary Fundraising Campaign

THES Mission 75


As a community-led charter school, Travis Heights Elementary has the freedom and flexibility to significantly update its curriculum. After more than two years of exploration, research and planning, we decided that the following innovative programs will be most enriching for our students. All were incorporated to varying degrees during the 2013-2014 school year:


• Service Learning: Using long term projects focused on such subjects as bullying, disabilities and nutrition to teach all subjects, keeping students engaged, involved, and socially aware.

• Cultural Immersion: Incorporating equal use of Spanish and English language builds deep, cross-cultural friendships as well as dual language fluency.

• Blended Learning: With 2x the special needs children as the district average, and 2x the gifted/talented kids, tech programs are being piloted to customize skill levels taught.

• Whole Child Development: Building character with social and emotional education, incorporating movement and nutrition, stepping into nature, and pulling from the rich talent of our local Travis Heights artists, scientists, and more.

As part of Travis Heights Elementary’s 75th birthday celebration, we are working to raise $75,000 to make these programs possible for years to come. With roughly 70% of THES families qualifying for free/reduced lunch, we simply cannot raise this money from the school population alone.