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February News

Drum fit – exercise balls, drumming, rhythmic aerobic activity
Health – muscular system, flexibility
Marathon Kids – classes should be finishing their first marathon
Volleyball play day – March 3 – 5th field trip – Explore UT

K – finished abstract painting, starting van gogh sunflower collage
1st – finishing flying carpet banner project – cut paper and yarn fringe
2nd – finished African woman project, starting clay lily pad
3rd – clay pig rattles
4th – landscape multimedia using paint and collage – perspective
5th – finished enlarged eye paintings, starting paper masks


K/1st – starting prep for April PTA performance
2nd – instruments and instrument families
3rd – Music Memory, reading notes on the treble clef staff
4th/5th – Music Memory, prepping for PTA performance (recorders)

3rd-5th – completed Bluebonnet program and attended the Bluebonnet party, will be completing library scavenger hunt in E, F ,Biography sections in preparation for non-fiction scavenger hunt; studying life of  Snowflake Bentley and his photographs of snowflakes
PK-2nd – completed reading about life of MLK and the Civil Rights movement, hibernation, and Groundhogs day