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Welcome to the THES Student Blog!

For the 2020-2021 school year, the Photojournalism Team will be working remotely.
Their work will continue to be published here.
If ANY THES student wishes to have their work published, please email Ms. Friedman.
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Most Recent Posts:


Thanksgiving Lunch

Every year at Travis Heights Elementary  we have a Thanksgiving lunch. The Thanksgiving lunch is on the Thursday before the week of the real Thanksgiving.  This year was great, all tickets were sold by the second week. We had a lot of families enjoy the lunch with friends and families.

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The Superheros of the Cafeteria

In the cafeteria, we are lucky to have some very nice ladies who prepare breakfast, make lunch, and stay after school to give food to kids at Prime Time and Extend-a-Care. Every day the lunch ladies have to get there by 5:00-6:00 to prepare breakfast in the classroom, and they bring it to the classrooms […]

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T.H.E.S Thunderband

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the Thunderband behind the scenes? My name is Guitarguy123 and I am in the Thunderband and I am going to tell you! The Thunderband is the Travis Heights school band. We play on the first and second Fridays of the month. When they hit the lights it […]

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3rd Small

THES Photogs

The THES Photogs is a group of Thunderbirds that take photos of Travis Heights Elementary School stuff and write articles about them. They’re led by Mary Friedman (called Ms. Friedman). When they’re not in a meeting, they can talk to each other on Google Classroom. Their real name is the Photojournalism Team, but they call […]

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Jackie Castillo

Imagine if you forgot to bring your lunch to school, and  there was no cafeteria at your school. Now that’s what Jackie Castillo is for. Jackie Castillo is the Travis Heights school cafeteria manager. I asked her some questions in an interview. Here’s what she said.             What is your favorite […]

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Dog Park

There is a dog park near downtown. It’s a place where your dog can have a friend to play with. I know that many people (including myself) only have one dog. Dogs can get depressed because they don’t have enough socialization. They become nervous around other dogs. But don’t lose hope, there are solutions like […]

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Different Playgrounds at Travis Heights Elementary

Have you ever wondered about the different playgrounds at Travis Heights? Well, if you read this, your questions will be answered about the playgrounds. We have three different playgrounds, but we don’t own them all. We only own two. One is Wild Man Woods. Wild Man woods is a very active playground. It has a […]

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Film kids

Have you ever heard of the prime time class “Film Kids”? Film kids is a prime time class where you make short movies and clips. I am part of film kids and on the 27th of November we had a showing of all the movies we made in the library. A list of movies we […]

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Parent Support Specialist

Have you heard of the PSS stands for Parent Support Specialist NOT to be confused with PS4! What do you do? Organize and provide ongoing parent/family/community engagement trainings and meetings in coordination with the campus and vertical team principals, campus and district staff, and other community entities. Assist parents/families/community and staff in understanding district, state, […]

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Classroom Pets of THES

What kid doesn’t like a pet in their classroom? Well no one that I know! At Travis Heights we have many class pets, and I’m here to show you most of them.This is our guinea pig. This is our hissing cockroaches. (Yes we have hissing cockroaches!) This is our gecco.   This is our dove. […]

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Haunted Hallway

Every year for the Fall Carnival, Ms.Isoline and the 5th graders put together a haunted hallway in the 3rd grade hall. This year there was a clown at the entrance and people squirting water at you. It was so fun! (Even though I did not go in, many people said it was fun). Some of […]

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