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Travis HS Band

We were delighted by a performance of the Travis High School Band today.  Next year our fifth graders may choose to take band as an elective. Thank you to Ms. King and to Mr. Kennedy (who teaches band at Fulmore) for arranging this fun break today!

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A Day At Camp Champ!!!!

Archery is the HARDEST. The only person good at it was Mr.Carlson, but he has been going there longer than the rest of us. (He got a bulls eye multiple times.) We are eating dinner in the dinning hall. I think that night we had chicken, rolls, and rice. On our last day we had […]

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At Camp Champions

The cabins are on the WATER! That was insane. We spent 3 days 2 nights.  So fun! We also played gaga in all 12 of their gaga pits. We learned how to fish and shoot a bow and arrow.

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Science And Reading

In science we have two teachers from UT, Ms. Einhorn and Ms. Quan. Last week we did testing if things would dissolve in water and stuff about mixtures. In reading we are doing the Lightning Thief, the first book in the Percy Jackson And The Olympians series  

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The Lightning Thief

4th grade is reading the Lightning Thief. After they read it they will watch the movie. Some people read it in Spanish. We learned about Greek Mythology while reading it, including about the Greek gods and monsters.

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The class is working on historic people

I was learning about Barbara Jordan’s life: when she died, what year was she born, and what she did during her life. Then we started doing our drawing. The drawing was  about what she looked like and the setting. When I finished, I put the information on notes and hung them up on the wall.

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Professional Journalist

We were lucky enough to have a professional journalist meet with us today.  We discussed how to be an effective journalist and viewed many of his amazing images.  Thank you, Lee Klancher, for taking the time to share your expertise with us!

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Spanish Camp

This year during Spanish Camp 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade made signs for the trees. Here are a few trees that we named. The tree above is Big V. He is a Live Oak. Live Oaks can live past 500 years old. They are home to many creatures, including spiders and ants. This tree is Bob the Carrousel. He is […]

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Prime Time

Our after school Prime Time classes have begun.  Students are learning things like Korean, Ballet Folklorico and Coding.  A big appreciation pump to Mrs. Guerra, who has gotten everything organized and off to a great start!   

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