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Equal Rights for Kids

There is a new rule in the cafeteria. This rule makes kids sit in a boy/girl pattern. I believe this rule is bad because it separates us from our friends we’ve been waiting to talk to all day.  I hate the way we sit at the table at lunch because my best friends are far away from me! Everyone does not deserve this. Only the kids who make bad choices and act crazy in the cafeteria should be separated.  We need to change that rule at the cafeteria to make things more fair. Martin Luther King would say,” All kids should have equal rights!”



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My Summer

My summer vacation was awesome! I have been to so many places in New York City, Philadelphia, and Canada. I love the subways in New York City. I’ve been to the World Trade Center, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and Sea, Air, and Space Museum in New York City. In Philadelphia, I went to Betsy Ross’s house, Ben Franklin Museum, Independence Hall, and the Liberty Bell.  At Niagara Falls, we saw fireworks from the balcony of our hotel and I took a ride on the Maid of the Mist. I got souvenirs everywhere I went like toy planes, shirts, and a water bottle. It was a fun trip, and I like to look at things I’ve never seen before! Then we took the plane home to DFW to hang with my grandpa and uncles and Mimi and cousins. The big trip was so fun I wonder what is coming up next summer?

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Market Day in Third Grade

Market Day is fun because 3rd graders donate things and create their own stores. The students get prizes and much, much more. You can buy prizes with T-bills with faces of our 3rd grade teachers: Mr. Myers, Ms.Esquivel, and Ms. Mefford. I hope you get you prizes like when I was in 3rd grade. I still remember that paper hot wheels car and my mom got a squeezy stress ball with clay inside for her desk. My store had a bowling set with prize rings. It was hard to set up the pins because they fell a lot of times!  I learned how to buy products and how to run a business! 

This year, I stopped by the classrooms to see what it looked like. I saw kids jewelry stores and a nail spa, toy stores, and other cool stuff where kids can spend their T bills. The kids looked happy because they loved Market Day!

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