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School Lunch

At THES we have a school lunch. I’m here to tell you about it. First of all we have a new school lunch every day like hot dogs, tacos, sun butter and jelly sandwiches, and turkey sandwiches. The food is really good. It gets very noisy in the cafeteria because there are a lot of people at once. I really enjoy school lunch because it’s a break from learning and I get to talk to my friends. We also have a beautiful mural of Square One Art tiles. Photojournalism meets during lunch.


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Friday Assemblies

Friday, the 8th of September, was the first assembly of the 2018-2019 school year. I think we were all excited about it. Ms. Navarro is our new principal, and we didn’t know how it would go. I didn’t know if it would be the same or how it might be different. I interviewed two 4th graders, Vi Hart and Lilah O’dair

Me: So how did your first assembly go?
Vi: I was actually kind of nervous because I had never met Ms. Navarro or Ms. De La Torre. They are very encouraging, and I’m very happy that they gave us that seminar that motivated us.      
Me: Was it mostly the same with the Thunder band and everything?
Vi:  It was basically the the exact same. The first assembly really great. We did the usual super citizen awards but it felt different.

Me: So, Lilah, how did you like your first assembly?
Lilah: It was fun! 4th grade won the spirit stick.
Me: Yeah, I’m pretty excited that we won it, too. Anything else?
Lilah: It felt different because of the new principal.
Me: Yeah, for me to.


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