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Different Playgrounds at Travis Heights Elementary

Have you ever wondered about the different playgrounds at Travis Heights? Well, if you read this, your questions will be answered about the playgrounds. We have three different playgrounds, but we don’t own them all. We only own two.

One is Wild Man Woods. Wild Man woods is a very active playground. It has a band set with six drums and a xylophone. There is more but they are not instruments.

The next playground is the Big Stacy Playground, well, that is what I call it. That is the playground that I usually go to. It has a full playground set with two swings and bars to play on. This playground is my favorite because it has lots of stuff to play with.

The last playground is the Black Top. The Black Top is a big black empty space there is a basketball basket and it provides lots of toys such as: basketballs, hula hoops, jump ropes, and more. There is one more place that we go to but it is not really a playground. It has exercise equipment and a big field that we can play in. These are the playgrounds at Travis Heights Elementary.       

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Back to School Night

Back to school night is when your parents and you go to school.  The children go to the art or music room to watch a movie. While the children are at the movie, parents go to classrooms and learn about the progress their children are making in their classes.

Back to school night is basically a PTA meeting. Before you go to your classroom, there is pizza and popcorn! They also sell t-shirts at back to school night. Back to school night is not just at Travis Heights, back to school night is everywhere. So don’t miss your back to school night!

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One and Only Ivan

4th grade is reading the book One and Only Ivan. The book is about a gorilla that  lives in the zoo with his friends. Everyday we respond to questions in our reading response  journal in Spanish.  Our class is enjoying it very much. Dual-language is reading it in Spanish.        

Here are some words from kids: “The One and Only Ivan is in a unique point view”,  “I think it is a really sad heart-touching book”, “It is a really funny and sad book”, and  “Kind of sad kind of happy”.

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4th Grade Recorders

4th grade is learning to play the recorders. We are earning  our recorder yarn. The first song you have learn is “Hot Cross Buns” which earns the white yarn. There are 7 colors that you can get in “recorder-arate”.  Ms. Alvarez-Sims’ class is on the third yarn, the orange yarn. We  call it “record-arate” (rhymes with karate). To earn your yarn, you have to complete songs that Ms. King gives you. 4th grade and 5th grade are the only ones learning “record-arate” but sometimes 3rd graders learn it at the end of the year.

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Donating to Austin Pets Alive

Donating to Austin Pets Alive was really fun. We got to hold pets, and we got to pet some, and there was even one named Genevieve.  She was a sweet cat.  I wish I could have taken one home with me! I want to volunteer for Austin Pets Alive. I wish I worked there. I wish that I could donate there every day and every night. I am really happy I got to donate there. Here are some of the pets.

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City of Ember

This was a very fun project. When we started the project, we read City of Ember. We read a chapter a day. When we finished the book we got to watch the movie which was not like the book at all.  While we were reading the book we learned vocabulary.  Some of the vocabulary we learned was:  grave, lurch, scurry, and plummet.  We also did some other activities.To finish off, we brought in an object that represented City of Ember for us.  These pictures show some of the things people brought in.

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