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Travis Heights Elementary School > ThunderNews Student Blog > 2019-2020 > Ms. King the T.H.E.S Music Teacher

Ms. King the T.H.E.S Music Teacher

Ms. King is the music teacher for Travis Heights Elementary School. She has taught at THES for 14 years. Before that she taught at a school in Dallas. She wanted to be a music teacher because she loves music and wants to inspire the love of music in others. She started playing the piano and singing in choir when she was 4 years old. She loves to sing and was in an all-district choir in 6th grade. She can play the flute, piano, guitar and bass guitar. She played in a Middle School band, a band in college and a band in Austin after she graduated. Ms. King has three cats named Frodo, Joey and Dede, and one dog named Stevie. She was born in Georgia and moved to Texas while she was 6 weeks old. Ms. King is a great music teacher