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“Life in Travis Heights”–A Neighborhood Magazine

Do you live in Travis Heights neighborhood? If so, did you get the “Life in Travis Heights” magazine? Well, I have bad news. There are not printing them anymore. “Life in Travis Heights” is a way to tell the TH area what’s going on.

In each magazine there is a family that they interview. The family makes the cover. They also have pages were they put the story that came out of the interview. There’s also a junior writer. I’ve even been the junior writer.  It was so fun! I got to tour a historical landmark mansion. (The people that lived there were so nice.) That article is also on the web sight, so go check it out. There’s also a dog of the month. Dog of the month is so cute!. There is a story of the dog, and how it ended up with its owner.

“Life in Travis Heights” is a wonderful thing and I hate to see it go. 

When I interviewed Sarah, the magazine’s former editor,  she talked about how this magazine brought people together just like she hoped.