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Dog Park

There is a dog park near downtown. It’s a place where your dog can have a friend to play with. I know that many people (including myself) only have one dog. Dogs can get depressed because they don’t have enough socialization. They become nervous around other dogs. But don’t lose hope, there are solutions like maybe a…dog park!

Dogs are very energetic creatures, but sometimes they don’t always have the room they need to run around in. The dog park has an area for dogs that aren’t very used to the dog park. They can get used to the small area until they are ready for the big area. So many dogs go there, so your dog has lots of other dogs to choose from. Also, if you are afraid your dog won’t be very friendly towards other dogs, you can always put them on a leash and just let them get used to being around other dogs. It also doesn’t matter if you forget your poop bags because they have loads. They use eco-friendly poop bags so you can clean up the mess and help the earth. The park allows anyone, so you can always visit. It is also open all year long. Even in the cold winter months, your dogs can have fun. It’s also in a very convenient spot, it’s right before downtown and right off Travis Boulevard. I have been there  personally, and give it 5 stars. My dog had so much fun and got plenty of socialization. I encourage you to take your dog to a dog park soon.