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Travis Heights Elementary School > ThunderNews Student Blog > 2018-2019 > Different Playgrounds at Travis Heights Elementary

Different Playgrounds at Travis Heights Elementary

Have you ever wondered about the different playgrounds at Travis Heights? Well, if you read this, your questions will be answered about the playgrounds. We have three different playgrounds, but we don’t own them all. We only own two.

One is Wild Man Woods. Wild Man woods is a very active playground. It has a band set with six drums and a xylophone. There is more but they are not instruments.

The next playground is the Big Stacy Playground, well, that is what I call it. That is the playground that I usually go to. It has a full playground set with two swings and bars to play on. This playground is my favorite because it has lots of stuff to play with.

The last playground is the Black Top. The Black Top is a big black empty space there is a basketball basket and it provides lots of toys such as: basketballs, hula hoops, jump ropes, and more. There is one more place that we go to but it is not really a playground. It has exercise equipment and a big field that we can play in. These are the playgrounds at Travis Heights Elementary.