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The Mather-Kirkland House

There is amazing 5-story mansion in the Travis Heights neighborhood. The bottom half of the house is actually left-over granite from the building of the Texas Capital. On the top of the house there is a cupola with a amazing view of the city. The house is five stories, with the basement, ground floor, second floor, attic, and dome.  It even has an upstairs “sleeping porch”.

The house is filled with peacocks. For example, there is a room called the “Peacock Room”. It is actually a bathroom with an amazing mural of two male peacocks. The woman who lives there had pet peacocks when she lived in a different part of the neighborhood.

This house was one of the first houses to have electric power in our neighborhood. The house went through a renovation 12 years ago, but the building of the house started in 1882.. The house is filled with amazing stained glass.

I am a student at Travis Heights Elementary School as a fourth grader. Our school has a amazing program called Square One Art. This program is something we do in art class. We create a piece of art and it gets turned into amazing coasters, mugs, aprons, t-shirts, phone cases, and many more items. The owners of the house have friends whose kids go to school at THES. They have received coasters which are placed on tables all over the house on tables. The Mather House is amazing wonder! This is all thanks to Claudette and Hugh for restoring it and keeping it that way.