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Parent Support Specialist

Have you heard of the PSS stands for Parent Support Specialist NOT to be confused with PS4!

What do you do?

  • Organize and provide ongoing parent/family/community engagement trainings and meetings in coordination with the campus and vertical team principals, campus and district staff, and other community entities.
  • Assist parents/families/community and staff in understanding district, state, and federal practices and policies (including the Title One family compact and parent involvement policy.)
  • Assist the principal and other campus staff with identifying effective strategies for increasing parent participation by utilizing The National Standards of PTA.
  • Establish and maintain productive working relationships with campus staff and parents/families/community and community resource providers.
  • Document program activities and outcomes, which will promote the identification of successful practices and the sharing of these practices.
  • Collaborate closely with the Learning Support Services Team, the Campus Advisory Council (CAC) and the Parent Teacher Association (PTA/PTSA) on each campus and at the vertical team level.
  • Attend necessary Parent Support Specialist district staff development trainings.

Why did you pick this school?

I am currently a student at Huston- Tillotson University majoring in Elementary Education. Part of my schooling requires that I work in an elementary school while I pursue my degree.

THES was hiring and I applied…. The rest is history.

What do you do in your free time?

I bake and work on a family cookbook I am putting together for my mom’s side of the family. I  am also building the curriculum for the summer camp I run out of my house. The camp is called CAMP CHEF KIDS and it is for ages 7-12 years old. So, basically I teach kids to cook during the summer……but with a twist. We take walking field trips, do art and crafts, journal, develop recipes and spend time at the splash pad across the street from my house.

What’s it like being a PSS?

It is amazing being a Parent Support Specials. I LOVE helping people!! I get to meet new people everyday and I get to help families and students.

What are your goals?

I have 5 Goals for 2019

  1. Finish the cookbook!!! My cousins are always asking me “Is it done yet?”
  2. Start a Water Fitness Group for teachers at Travis Heights this spring. (Stacey Pool is literally right next door)
  3. Invite more refugee families to participate in school activities.
  4. Help re-open the Travis Heights store
  5. Be the best  PSS I can be!!

Is there anything else you want us to know? Like fun facts?

My favorite color is purple. My real name is Adrianna. I use to work with Ms. Boyd and Ms. Cooper at Open Door Preschool (not at the same time).


My favorite candy is a GOO GOO CLUSTER.
I have a passion for working with children and their families.
I am the oldest of 6 children.
I have three kiddos : Gabriel 24, Noah 20 and Bella 16
My food is homemade mac-n-cheese.

You can find her office in the front hallway, near the front door!