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5th Grade vs 4th Grade


5th Grade vs. 4th Grade: How do They Compare?

In my experience at Travis Heights Elementary School, 4th grade is kind of different than 5th grade, of course they are different grades, but I would like to explain some specific examples I have witnessed.

One of the differences I have noticed is in science class,. This year in 5th grade we are focusing on energy, mostly light energy, and in 4th grade we focused on erosion of the Earth.  Energy is caused by little particles moving around to get the job done, and erosion is when the Earth goes through some physical changes. In 5th grade art class we are designing the Travis Heights t-shirt logo.Designing the logo is a big deal because everyone is going to be wearing this design.  In 4th grade our projects did not affect the entire school.

While in 5th grade reading we are focusing on different types of genres, especially poetry, in 4th grade we mainly read autobiographies and biographies. Both grades are very different, but they are still kind of similar. For example, in math we are still doing multiplication and fractions. Our teachers for have not changed and we are still proud Thunderbirds. 5th grade is just like 4th grade but a little more advanced. Even though both grades are different, you should still do well in both.