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New Year New You


The new principal of Travis Heights is Michelle  Amezquita Navarro. When Mrs. Navarro was four she had playdates with her friends, and she would play school. What made Mrs. Navarro like playing school so much was that she loved helping people, and now that she is an adult she loves seeing the potential in kids. Before now, she was an assistant principal and was mostly spending her time in the classroom. Being in the classroom, she realized that she must never forget how hard our students, teachers and families work.

There are some things Mrs. Navarro would like everyone to know. She married her highschool sweetheart. She is a proud parent of a AISD student named Olivia. They are  hoping that Olivia can join the Travis Heights Thunderbirds next year. She also loves to dance and adores animals. Mrs. Navarro also has some goals for this year. She wanted to have the building ready, such as having the doors painted. Another goal that she has set for her community is to make sure everyone is kind to one another.

A challenge that Mrs. Navarro sees is to make sure every student has a voice. Every student can come talk to her no matter “what language you  speak, what level of education you are on, or what your family looks like.’’ Mrs. Navarro believes In order to lead, learn, and serve you must be respectful and kind.