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Travis Heights Elementary School > ThunderNews Student Blog > 2018-2019 > Ms. De La Torre: Our Cool New Assistant Principal

Ms. De La Torre: Our Cool New Assistant Principal

We have a new vice principal at Travis Heights Elementary and her name is Ms. De La Torre. She graduated from U.T. She worked in her hometown at Giddings Intermediate School, but she missed Austin. So switched to Riley Elementary School where she taught 3rd, 4th and 5th grades. She then decided to go to Walnut Creek, where she worked as a supervisor and helped teachers be the best they can be.

When she was looking for a step-up in her career, the schools she saw didn’t look like what she wanted. Then she looked at the website for Travis Heights. She really liked it. It stood out.

One of her favorite things to do is say “Hi” to all the students and see their beautiful faces. The biggest thing she’s done is getting to be familiar to everyone.

It’s her 1st year as an assistant principal, and she says everyone has been very supportive. Ms.Navarro used to be a vice principal, and Ms. De La Torre says she has been a great role model and very supportive. She thinks that this year has been going great and she loves it here.

Ms.De La Torre really likes the one and only Mr. Hawes. She thinks he does cool things like the Thunder News, which is where students tell everyone what’s been happening at Travis Heights. She also enjoys our Friday assemblies because she sees us all happy. She thinks the ThunderBand is really cool and loves how we have our own band and they play music. She looks forward to this year so she can show everyone she can be a great leader.