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4th grade P.B.L.

Hi, I’m in Ms. Villanueva’s 4th grade class. This year in fourth grade we are doing a P.B.L. about  immigrants and migrants who moved to Texas. We had to find a immigrant or migrant and interview them. Then we partnered up and made a podcast with all of the information we have learned.  We asked questions like:

  • Where were you born?
  • How old were you when you came to Texas?
  • How did you get Texas?
  • Where were you born?

We made a chart with all of are information to see if our partners have any of the same information.  After that, we had to write script on Google Docs (longer than 2 minutes).  When we were done with with our scripts, we went to the computer lab and recorded it.   That’s what we did for our Project Based Learning to start off the year!