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Badger and Moca

If you’re a student at Travis Heights and have not met these furry friends, then make sure you do! When someone first hears that are art teacher has rats they might freak out. But once you get close to these cute, lovable, creatures there will be no turning your back.

Badger and Moca first arrived at Travis Heights on Valentines Day. Some of the kids had been waiting for months just to meet the so called new pets. Ms. Isoline has a rat named Roo. Roo has gotten to the edge of a rat’s life span (2 years.) So Ms.Isoline wanted to get new pets. Earlier in the year her 29 year old snake named Vincent died of old age. Ms. Isoline saw an opportunity to use the old cage. She wanted the company of new rats, plus she had the space for two! So on the day of Valentines she brought them to their new home. The twin sisters both the color of black and white needed a name. So she called on some fifth graders to name them. After a couple of hours the two sweet rats had names. Moca and Badger, Badger and Moca. Over time the cute animals have gotten nicknames. Like Moca Loca, And Mocha Latte. Badger is known as the Climber and Moca is the Tunneler. But the two rats have always been inseparable.

So if your a student or parent a Travis Heights feel free to visit the rambunctious rats. You don’t need to be scared just overcome your fears by visiting these cute cuddly creatures.

(These pictures are not of the real Moca and Loca, obviously!)