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Market Day in Third Grade

Market Day is fun because 3rd graders donate things and create their own stores. The students get prizes and much, much more. You can buy prizes with T-bills with faces of our 3rd grade teachers: Mr. Myers, Ms.Esquivel, and Ms. Mefford. I hope you get you prizes like when I was in 3rd grade. I still remember that paper hot wheels car and my mom got a squeezy stress ball with clay inside for her desk. My store had a bowling set with prize rings. It was hard to set up the pins because they fell a lot of times!  I learned how to buy products and how to run a business! 

This year, I stopped by the classrooms to see what it looked like. I saw kids jewelry stores and a nail spa, toy stores, and other cool stuff where kids can spend their T bills. The kids looked happy because they loved Market Day!