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Interview With a Student Teacher

Interviewing Ms. Medina, a student teacher


  1. Who/What inspired you to be a teacher?  “My cousin inspired me, I had him as a teacher in 1st grade. It interested me how he teached everyone.”
  2. Why did you want to become a teacher? “I was a teacher for tutoring, and I liked the point of helping people learn. So know I’m a student teacher, and hope to be a teacher soon.”
  3. Do you like your job so far? “Yes I love my job! It’s fun to teach kids!”
  4. What is your favorite subject to teach? “My favorite subject to teach is Math, and My second most favorite subject to teach is Reading.”
  5. Does it make you scared to teach in front of kids? “No, but at first I was worried because if they didn’t pay attention they wouldn’t learn.”