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Informational & Procedural Texts

In third grade over the past month, students have been writing and reading informational and procedural text. They learned that informational text tells factual details about a topic. Procedural text tells how to do something. The students learned that it’s important to put steps in the right order and adding diagrams to both kinds of […]

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Mother’s Day Performance

Didn’t our 3rd graders do a great job? They totally nailed it!  Thank you to the parents who were able to be there.  It’s always special having an audience!  Thank you to Ms. Esquivel and Ms. Martinez for taking the time and effort to prep the kids, and to Mr. Hawes and the tech crew for […]

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3rd Grade Performance

Dear Parents, We are honoring our mothers, grandmothers, and fathers who fill the role as both mother and father.  We are honoring aunts and women who step up to do their parts as mothers and mentors.  Families are invited to come and enjoy a poem or play performed by our Travis Heights third grade scholars […]

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April News

Math—In Math, we reviewed how to find perimeter, and have been learning about finding the area of rectangles and intersecting rectangles.  We are also learning about 3D figures, like cones, prisms, pyramids, cubes, spheres, and cylinders.  The children will be expected to count vertices, faces, and edges on those 3D figures.  This video can help […]

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Math News

Third grade is learning a about 3-dimensional figures. You can help your child review these shapes.  Ask them to tell you how many faces, edges or vertices each has.   pyramid cone cylinder cube (all sides are squares) sphere rectangular prism (4 sides are rectangles, 2 sides are squares) triangular prism (4 sides are rectangles, […]

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Third Grade News for March

Language Arts- We have enjoyed building our vocabulary and polishing up our comprehension with our book study The City of Ember .  Congrats to all our young writers participating in TELPAS. We can truly see your growth.   Social Studies- We are taking a closer look at the dynamics of community. 1+

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Field Trip–Inner Space Caverns

Third grade went on a field trip to Inner Space Caverns.  We had fun and learned a lot.  Share these pictures with your child and ask them to tell you what they learned.  Ask them to use these words as they are talking about caves: sinkhole limestone stalagmite stalactite You can also talk to them […]

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January/February News

Congrats to all our third graders. They did a fantastic job staying focused on their MOY! Math—In Math, we will be finishing up lessons on fractions, including equivalent fractions.  Then we will move on to Geometry and Measurement – telling time, describing and classifying two- and three-dimensional figures, and measuring perimeter. Science—We will study the […]

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Join the Photojournalism Team!

We are looking for 3rd graders who are interested in learning photography and journalism!  You can learn more about what we do on this website: THES Photogs, and you can see the team’s work on this website:  Thundernews.  There is an application process, and we will start meeting right after winter break, so you might want […]

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October News

Third grade is having an over-the-top October! We are working on our PBL projects about Hispanic heritage in our ELA classes and Social Studies blocks. This includes using graphic organizers, doing independent research, and finding information in books. We look forward to our presentations coming up. We will let you know when those are as […]

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