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December News!

The Nutcracker Performance

We enjoyed our visit to see Act II of The Nutcracker!  We had the best seats EVER – all of us were in the first 5 rows!

Winter Break Celebrations – December 19th!

Students will spend the last day of the fall semester exclusively with their homeroom classes.  Please check with your child’s homeroom teacher to find out about any special activities on that day.

What’s Next in Math?

In Math, we’ve begun to study multiplication strategies.  Before the break we will have covered multiplication as equal groups, multiplication on number lines, and arrays (also called area models).  Please note that we DO want students to learn their basic facts by memory, but these strategies go deeper as they help students organize numerical information.   

We are sending a Formative Loop packet home for the holidays for extra practice with the strategies we’ve already covered, plus practice with the standard algorithms.



We will be studying multiplication and division throughout January, so please have your students practice!   You can even use old-fashioned flash cards and multiplication charts!