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September News – 2018

Back-to-School Night GraphicThanks to everyone who joined us for Back-to-School Night on September 6th!

If you missed meeting with the 3rd Grade Teachers, here are a few important highlights and reminders:

  • Connect with your child’s class on ClassDojo as soon as possible.
  • Send an individual, healthy snack with your child daily – crackers, fresh fruit or vegetables, etc.
  • Send water bottles every day.
  • Send payment for the 3rd Grade Activity and Technology Fees as soon as possible ($25 total) or pay online here.
  • Schedule a parent-teacher conference on October 8th if you haven’t done so already.


Growth Mindset Graphic

Social-Emotional Learning and Growth Mindset

To start the year we’ve been learning about the importance of a Growth Mindset (Mentalidad de crecimiento) – understanding that our abilities improve when we work hard, practice, and make mistakes.  Ask your student to explain why the word “yet” is so important!

We’ve also created social contracts which remind us to be conscientious learners and respectful to everyone, including ourselves.

Math Curriculum Heading GraphicThird grade math begins with a review of concepts developed in 2nd grade such as place value, number lines, rounding, and ordering and comparing numbers. The most significant change is the “size” of the numbers that we use.   We’ll be working with numbers through through the 100,000’s. We are also focusing on solving one- and two-step addition and subtraction problems.


Science Curriculum Heading Graphic

We have reviewed what scientists are and how they investigate the world around them.  Throughout September, we will learn about the physical properties of matter including its state (solid, liquid, gas), mass, volume, temperature, magnetism, and its ability to sink or float. We’ll also explore how mixtures are created by combining materials.


Reading and Language Arts Curriculum Heading Graphic

From September to mid-October, we will be working on our first Project Based Learning unit that integrates Social Studies and Language Arts.  Not only will students learn about good citizenship and Hispanic Heritage Month, they will also research and write biographies about historical or contemporary figures and how they have contributed to society.  As a culminating activity, we will create a “living museum” where students can teach YOU about these important people.  Look for an invitation soon!