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April News

Math—In Math, we reviewed how to find perimeter, and have been learning about finding the area of rectangles and intersecting rectangles.  We are also learning about 3D figures, like cones, prisms, pyramids, cubes, spheres, and cylinders.  The children will be expected to count vertices, faces, and edges on those 3D figures.  This video can help the children review how to do that: Counting Vertices, Faces, and Edges.  We will start learning about liquid volume very soon.  That means we’ll be learning about the difference between liquid volume (ounce, cup, pint, quart, gallon and milliliter, liter) and weight (ounce, pound, ton, and gram, kilogram).  We want to be able to know when it’s appropriate to use liquid volume to measure and when it’s appropriate to use weight to measure.

Science—We are learning about landforms like mountains, hills, valleys and plains.  We also want to be talking about how those physical characteristics of the land influence life and how humans adapt to the environment in which they live.

Language Arts–In Language Arts this month we are focusing on Poetry, Drama and practicing reading passages in preparation for the STAAR test.  We’re writing different kinds of poetry:  lyric, humorous, narrative, and free verse.  We also will be reading and performing drama and poetry.  We want to be able to identify how figurative language (similes, metaphors, and idioms) and sensory language are used in poetry. We want to be able to understand how drama is written differently than regular fiction by interpreting the the dialogue and stage directions.  Here is a short little video to watch and discuss with your students:  Elements of Drama.  And this one can help the children remember the difference between the different types of poetry:  Four Kinds of Poems.

Special Upcoming Events–Our wonderful moms are invited to a special performance that will be held in the gym on May 10th, which is held in their honor.  Look for an invitation coming home in the Wednesday folders.

Reminders–Please remember to check those Wednesday folders every week and send them back to school the next day.  Remember that the STAAR test is coming up very soon.  Please take the time to have your child read every night!

Calendar–The Awards Ceremony for 3rd Grade will be on Tuesday, May 29th at 9 am.