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Language Arts in 2nd

Reading: We are continuing our study of poetry. We are looking and listening for sensory details in a variety of texts. We are learning about similes, alliteration, and onomatopoeia. We are focusing on the rhythm of the poem and finding breaks. As we finish poetry, we will be moving into expository text. We will focus on main idea and supporting details as well the author’s sequence of ideas.

Writing: We are using mentor texts to create our own poems in writing. We use their examples to think about our own creations. Ms. Bright and Ms. Etzel’s students have already created simile poems that are hanging in the front hall. We studied the author Audrey Wood and her book Quick as A Cricket as a mentor to help us develop our writing. We are also finishing our acrostic poems and trying our hand at shape poems. We are going to use a topic of our own choice to develop a poem to publish.

Social Studies: We just completed an economic studies. Our focus was on the difference between goods and services in our community. We also identified between wants and needs. Finally, we took a look at producers and consumers in the community. For February, we are going to focus on Black History and study African Americans who made significant contributions to their communities.