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Math in January

We’re all excited to be back. Golly, but the kids all seemed to have grown about 3 inches over the winter break! We hope all are well rested and refreshed.

In Math for the month of January we are focusing on financial literacy.

Our Essential Questions

  • What are producers and consumers?
  • How can we find the total value of a collection of coins that are equal to or less than one dollar?
  • What do we need to know about money, saving and spending to manage our personal finances?
  • How can we determine if we have the amount of money necessary for products such as a glass of lemonade for ourselves and a friend, a pencil and an eraser, or a backpack pom pom?
  • How can we show the value of one dollar with coins?

Please be on the lookout for samples of students’ work on displays and bulletin boards.