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2nd Grade PBL


Second grade has launched the annual End-of-Year PBL; a 1-page newspaper produced by pairs of students whose aim it is to dispel misconceptions any first graders might have about what really happens in 2nd grade. It’s called The 2nd Grade Times. They have started out learning about different types of text:  procedural, narrative, expository and satire.  The students rotated through the teachers’ rooms in the morning and each teacher taught a different genre.  In Mrs. Bright’s room, they learned about procedural text by doing the dab and and thinking about the steps they would need to tell a 1st grader.  The class made a list, and then each student picked one step to elaborate on. Ms. Etzel reviewed expository texts; Ms. Johnson narratives, and Mrs. Meisel introduced satire.

Be on the lookout for Volume 4 of 2nd Grade Times, due out the week of May 28.