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January/February News


Happy New Year and welcome back!  We will be very busy during the next two months. In January we will be working on Science Fair projects, reading and math data, and celebrating Martin Luther King. February will be very exciting as we celebrate the 100th day of school, start our PBL project about our Travis Heights Neighborhood and have parent conference day. Look for more information about all these events in upcoming Wednesday folders.

Last month we were busy gathering data about your child for our 2nd 9 weeks report card grades, which you received in January.   Here are a few skills that were tested for report cards:

Language Arts

Sight Words:

yo            soy           puedo       un     una    es       el        tiene         veo           mamá        papá        y       tengo        no            sí     en     la            me           gusta        mi

get           go            in             see          can           to          not      it     am           like           at            a      we           as        the       I         no         have         or