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Fall Semester 2019

The fourth grade had a fun start to the 2019-2020 school year. Our grade level went from having 4 teachers last year to 3, and one of those teachers is new to Travis Heights Elementary.  It was bittersweet to see some students and faculty leave but very exciting to welcome the new faces.

In math, fourth graders were busy learning about decimals and how they relate to fractions.  The children related decimals to money to help their understanding. They also have been working on double digit addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. We established our reading and writing workshops with our novel study of the book Wonder and many other mentor texts.  In Language Arts we have been learning about Themes, Points of View, Story Elements, Personal Narrative Writing, and Parts of Speech to name a few. We learned about properties of Matter, Earth Changes, and the Rock Cycle in science.

For Social Studies and our PBL we explored topics related to immigration and migration including Texas geography, and economics. The students learned that many people have come to the United States from different countries for a variety of reasons. Some immigrants were escaping factors such as lack of resources, food, housing, employment, war, discrimination, and religious persecution in their home countries. Some others were drawn to the United States due to factors such as better weather, improved life circumstances, job opportunities, and to be near family. We also learned that some people migrated within the United States moving from one state or city to another. This research culminated in our students conducting interviews and turning those into podcasts.  Watch a video about this PBL.

To kick off our first field trip of the year, we participated with Clean Creek Campus and Keep Austin Beautiful to learn how we can contribute to conservation. In addition, the students participated in a clean-up of Big Stacy Park and got to plant seedlings near the Blunn Creek Greenbelt Trail.  We are very proud of all our 4th graders and their enthusiasm to make the world a better place.