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February Update

Hi Thunderbirds! Happy Black History Month and Happy (a little belated) Valentines Day! As usual, it’s been a busy time in 1st grade.

We had a great time celebrating the 100th day of school. Our goal was to read 100 books during the day, and we did it! We read to ourselves, to friends, and we even had several guest readers come to our class.



The scientists have also spent time talking about natural resources. We are learning about plants, animals, rocks, soil, and other resources to prepare us for our Organisms PBL which will be starting next month.

Students are spending time learning about history as well. February is Black History Month and students spend time learning about different African American historical figures. Ruby Bridges is one of the favorite historical figures to learn about because the students are fascinated to learn that she was in 1st grade when she became famous.

February is money month in math class! Students have been working on learning about different types of coins and they are now able to identify their name and how much each coin is worth. A fun activity that always takes place at the end of the unit is when students bring in currency from foreign countries!

Finally, we are very proud of ALL of our students, especially some who came and represented 1st grade at Travis Height’s annual PBL Showcase night. Students spent the evening talking to parents and neighbors about their Native American PBL.