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January Update

Happy New Year Thunderbirds! We are all well rested and off to a rocking start here in first grade. Before break, first graders were working hard on their Native American PBLs. Students spent several weeks learning about Native American tribes and students worked together in groups to study specific tribes throughout the US. The project culminated in the students making models of Native American dwellings, including teepees, adobe homes, and longhouses, all of which were on display in the first grade hallway.

Students also used this time to learn about winter celebrations and other celebrations around the world. Christmas is what many of us celebrate, but students were very interested to learn about what OTHER people celebrate and how they do so. If you walked down the hallway in December I am sure you saw the great door decorations from around the world being represented in the first grade hallway.

Students also got to have a fun holiday party, where too much hot chocolate and cookies were consumed!! Thanks to our great classroom volunteers for helping out during this crazy time.


This month will be a great one as well!

In math students will be working hard practicing skip counting, and there will also be some middle of the year testing so see how our kiddos have improved in math and what we really need to focus on. For social studies, first graders will be talking about important people in US history, such as presidents and patriots, before they start talking about Black History Month in February. In science, the boys and girls will be getting their hands dirty learning about soil, rocks, and other earth materials. And in language arts, we will keep chugging along like we have all year long. Students spend time in centers, learning independently or within small groups, while their teachers are meeting with small groups to work on focus lessons. In writers workshop, they are writing more and more each day and teachers are providing them with opportunities to use different types of texts to write, like personal narrative, lists, and biographies.


Stay tuned for the February update!