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September Update

Ay Chihuahua! September has been a whirlwind! It felt like school just started and now all of a sudden it’s almost October and time for conferences. To say the least, these 1st grade Thunderbirds have been busy this month. September is when teachers really get rocking: we are setting classroom routines, students are beginning to work independently so that teachers can test their reading and math levels, and we are setting up our routines for the whole school year.

In math students have been hard at work comparing numbers using greater than, less than, or equal signs. Students will also be taking the TEMI test which is something that teachers use to gauge how well students know their math skills and how they progress throughout the year.

In language arts, first graders are now starting to work in centers daily. This is a great time because students are working mostly independently or with their classmates while their teacher can sit with a small group of students and focus on a specific skill. First graders are also practicing their handwriting skills and working in writers workshop every day!

Social studies time has been dedicated to learning about rules and why they are important. We also spent a couple weeks studying different types of makes and even making our own! Currently students are working on personal timelines. This can be a difficult concept for students to grasp, but we are working hard and our final products are fun to see!

The little scientists have been busy learning about science instruments and how scientists work. We have had the the chance to complete a couple experiments and make predictions to go along with our experiments.

First grade teachers have also been attending a CORE Reading workshop so they can learn about better techniques to teach reading and writing to their students.



Don’t forget about conferences on October 8.

Please send in money for Field Trips.

Please send in snacks.