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April Update


Spring is in the air and the first graders at Travis Heights are busier than honey bees. The spring time is such a fun time to be a Thunderbird because there is so much great learning going on.

The little mathematicians have been working super hard. They spent a few weeks learning about different shapes, starting with 2D and then finishing with 3D shapes. Their favorite parts were being able to cut and fold 3D shapes and the teach their friends how to do the same! Now the boys and girls will be learning how to tell him… that means no more asking adults what time it is! They’re going to be able to do it on their own (thank goodness!)

By this time of year, Language Arts is running (mostly) smoothly. Each day boys and girls are spending time learning as a whole group, but then split off into group work. They are able to go through centers without any teacher guidance and they are really taking charge of their learning. During this time, teachers are able to pull small groups and work on specific aspects of reading and writing, so each child gets a more personalized learning experience.

Social studies has been quite interesting lately as we are learning a lot about the state of Texas, like the state bird and state flower. The children also spent time talking about important female figures in history. Girl power!

Finally, the month of April means lots of science going on! First grade took a field trip to the Austin Zoo to learn about lots of different animals. This was a kick off for their latest PBL about interdependence among organisms in a habitat. Classrooms are now full of fish and plants and butterflies, and each class is taking time go outside to do some outdoor learning!


The best and most exciting thing happening is of course….. SWIM LESSONS. These lucky fishies get to go swimming each day for two weeks at Big Stacy Pool. They spend time learning about pool safety and also get to get in the water where the lifeguards let them practice their strokes!


Everybody hang in there… only a few more weeks left of school!

 Checking out the lions at the Austin Zoo


 Mr. Paparone’s class pet for a few weeks!