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Spring is finally here (hopefully!)

The plants are blooming and we can finally do things like open the windows in class! The boys and girls in first grade have been busy busy busy. February was a short month but it was jam packed. We had a great turn out for parent teacher conferences. We are looking forward to the month of March, and not just because that’s when Spring Break is! 🙂

In math, students had a super fun unit learning about money. Students were also encouraged to bring in money that they had collected from different countries so they could share with the class. Learning how to count money also helps with skip counting, addition, and subtraction. Students also took their middle of the year TEMI tests so that their teachers could see how much they have improved from the beginning of the year. In the upcoming weeks students will be spending time learning about fact families.

First grade is always busy in language arts. This is a time of year where students can be working independently in centers while their teacher can sit with small groups and do things like guided reading and word work. Teachers were also busy retesting student’s DRA levels so that they could see how much growth they have made, and also so they could report these levels to parents for parent teacher conferences. The rest of the year, teachers will really be focusing in bring reading and writing levels up so that everyone is ready for 2nd grade.

February was black history month, and students in Mr. Paparone’s class really had a great time learning about Ruby Bridges. They were shocked to learn that a little girl had to fight so hard just to go to 1st grade, like they do. This unit taught them that things weren’t always fair for people and that even though we have worked hard, there is still work to be done in terms of equality for all.

Finally, in science, students have been learning all about earth’s materials. We have talked about renewable and non renewable resources. We searched for different types of rocks, we took hand lenses and studied dirt really closely and learned its full of different things. This month we will be learning about plants and animals and their life cycles. Next month is our PBL on interdependence.

First grade is headed to Wonder World on a field trip on March 9. Stay tuned for pictures!