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January Update

Happy New Year!

We had a few chillys and even and ice day, but not even the cold can keep these Thunderbirds from learning. Once we got back into the swing of things, the new year started out as busy as ever at Travis Heights.

In math, students have been busy studying a super fun unit, money! Students are learning the names and values of different coins and soon they will be bringing in money from exotic places! Students are encouraged to bring in money from different countries so we can all see different examples of currency.

Teachers have been busy doing middle of the year (MOY) testing of math grades as well as DRA. Teachers are working hard to test and level their students. This helps them group their students for things like reading groups. Also, spring conferences are coming up so teachers want to have this information to pass along to parents.

In social studies, students spent some time learning about leaders of our countries. Students read about great leaders like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Barack Obama.

We have been getting our hands dirty in science. The boys and girls in 1st grade started learning about rocks and earth materials, so we got to do some outside exploring. We have been studying rocks and classifying them into different categories. The picture shown is from some students looking for special rocks near Blunn Creek!


Stay tuned for February’s update!


Looking for some special rocks!