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October Newsletter

Happy Fall Y’all!

First grade has been rocking and rolling after the first few weeks of school got under way. There is a lot going on and a lot more coming up!

First grade welcomed Miss Moore as the permanent 1st grade teacher, and we said goodbye and thank you to Mr. Clark for all of his help.

Teachers were busy testing students reading levels this month, which is essential at the beginning of the year. We can now group students and give them a more personalized and focused approach to what they need regarding reading and writing. They are also getting prepared to do a lot of writing about Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos.


In math, the boys and girls have been hard at work practicing counting, skip counting, and using number lines. Number sense and fluency is an important skill and gets built upon throughout the school year. If you have extra time driving in the car or walking to the store, ask your child to count or skip count with you!

The little scientists have been out and about taking advantage of the warm weather. We learned about how much the sun can affect evaporation. Boys and girls were shocked to come back a few days after leaving a cup of water to see that it was almost all gone!

In Social Studies we have been learning about what it takes to be a good citizen in all different places: our home, our school, and our community!

Attached pictures:

First grade scientists working in their science notebooks taking notes about evaporation!

We also were in charge of Custodian Appreciation Week. We wrote cards for our hard working custodians and left them as a surprise taped to their door.