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January News


It has been a bust year in 1st grade. Before the winter break, students were busy finishing their first PBL of the year. They researched different Native American tribes for a whole month and learned about their different cultures. At the end of the project each student made a model of the dwelling their Native American tribe used to live in.

After break everyone came back with lots of energy, excitement, and stories about their break. After everyone had a chance to catch up it was right back to it! In language arts students are writing more and more each day. Their focus for the next few weeks will be persuasive writing and as always, they will be reading, reading, reading!

In math students are learning about financial literacy. They have been practicing counting and using money every day. Next time you go to the story, give your money to your kids, not too much though ;), and have them decide the right amount you need to pay! It’s important to make a real world connection to what they are learning and school and that’s an easy way parents can help facilitate that.

Students are getting their hands dirty in science and they start studying Earth’s materials. We are starting off talking about different types of rocks and their properties. The kids are loving using their hands to explore science materials.

During Social Studies students will be learning about some very important topics. They will spend some time learning about presidents and patriots of our country in January. In February students will be celebrating African Americans and how their culture has impacted the growth and development of the United States.

As always students are learning about the pillars of Travis Heights. We are continuously practicing being Responsible, Organized, Considerate, and Kind! These Thunderbirds rock!