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5th Grade October Newsletter

October Happenings:


  • Students are working on multiplying 3×2 digit numbers and dividing 2 digit divider by 4 digit dividend. Also, we are adding and subtracting fractions.
  • Homework is every Monday and Wednesdays.
    • Parents: Please work with your students at home on multiplication and addition facts.


  • Forms of energy are being studied. For example: light, sound, mechanical, thermal, and electrical.
  • Vocabulary words go home weekly and must be studied to reinforce them.
  • Also, it would be beneficial for students to practice TPR (Total Physical Response) movements that accompany vocabulary words. TPR will help in the attainment of meaning of words and concepts.
  • Homework is every Tuesday and Thursday.

Language Arts/Reading: 

  • Students must read at least 2o minutes/day every day. Non-negotiable.
  • Poetry and it’s elements are being studied this month as well as Non-Fiction texts. We’ll be taking a look at text features and why they’re important in a Non-Fiction text. Also, we will be looking at how authors organize informational texts: cause-effect/compare-contrast/chronological/problem-solution/Description.
    • Poetry: students should practice reading poems on a daily basis this month. We’re encouraging them to use strategies like: Rereading poems at least 2-3 times (the more the better), thinking about why the author is writing the poem (purpose), and what the theme or big idea of the poem is.
    • Non-Fiction: Students will look at various examples of Non-Fiction texts and be expected to identify types of text features and text structures.
    • Writing: Students will begin writing different forms of poetry (limericks, Haiku, Narrative, Couplet, Free Verse, Lyrical, Humorous, etc.)

Tutoring for Reading:

  • Beginning tomorrow 10/14 from 9am-12pm, tutoring will take place in the 5th grade classrooms. Please take your student to the front doors when dropping them off. Pick-up time is promptly at 12pm.
  • Saturday tutoring will last 7 Weeks beginning on 10/14.

Camp Champions:

  • November 1-3.
  • Due: Wednesday, October 25 (Forms, Money, Scholarship applications)