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2nd Grade


Supply Lists & Welcome Letter for 2016-2017 School Year

2015-2016 School Year


What’s been happening in 2nd grade?

Second grade recently began work on our Project Based Learning (PBL) unit on water.  The goal is for our students to become water experts for the school.  Students rotated through our four second grade classrooms learning about a different aspect of the project in each.

They explored the water cycle with Mr. Carrizales, and learned water vocabulary in both English and Spanish.

IMG_0188  IMG_0190

With Ms. Cardenas, they watched a video about what would happen if the world didn’t have water. Then they created posters to encourage people to save water.

20160408_104145  20160408_100749

With Ms. Geiger they learned how to analyze the results of a survey on water usage at our school using graphs and charts.

IMG_1716 IMG_1754

Ms. Torrez helped them examine the recent water challenges faced by Flint Michigan.  They discussed the dangers of lead in the water and learned how people all around the country helped.  They even found that students can help make a difference, learning about a boy who raised money to buy bottled water to send to Flint.

IMG_9081  IMG_3917

The final portion of the PBL project will take place at the Family Fun and Fitness days in May.  Students will host a “Walk for Water” station where they will educate their fellow students with what they have learned.  All our Thunderbirds will have the chance to experience what it is like to live in a place where you have to carry the water you need for drinking and cooking across a distance.   Our students are also creating pamphlets with the information they have learned which they will hand out at the station.



What’s coming up in 2nd grade?

  • We’ll be starting our PBL unit on water conservation in March.
  • Our field trip to Zachary Scott to see Alice in Wonderland is also coming up:
    • Geiger & Torrez are going on March 28th.
    • Carrizales & Cardenas are going on March 30th.