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School Policies



Our goal is to develop life long leaders and learners. Helping students become scholars is a responsibility shared between students, parents and teachers. Learning is expected for every child, every day.

Our motto:  Learn, Serve, Lead!


The school day begins at 7:45 am and ends at 2:57 pm.  Doors open at 7:05 am and students enter through the front. Students eating breakfast go directly to the cafeteria; everyone else should go directly to the gym. Students will be sent to class at 7:35 am. Friday assemblies are from 7:35-7:55 in the gym.

All students need to be picked up no later than 2:57 pm, unless they are enrolled in one of our after school programs.  Please make arrangements so no child is left behind without parent/guardian supervision before or after school.  School personnel are not responsible for students before 7:10 am and after 3:10 pm.


Due to geography and space, we ask that families be mindful of our neighbors. Parking is not allowed in front of the school between 7-8 am and 2-3:15 pm. Please do not park in the parking lots, as these are reserved for faculty and staff. Additionally, do not drive down Rosedale Dr. as it creates dangerous traffic situations. Parents dropping off students should pull up to the curb and let children out. Parents picking up children after school are required to get in the car line for their child’s grade level. Those attempting to park will be asked to move. THES and AISD are not responsible for towed vehicles. 


Law requires daily school attendance. Notes are required for ALL ABSENCES and must be given to the office no later than 48 hours (3 days) from when the student returns to school. Notes turned in more than 3 days after an absence are not valid and will require a doctor’s note. Please note that absences will not be excused unless it is a district-approved excuse. Students not in the classroom when the bell rings at 7:45 am are considered tardy. We are required by law to report the parents of students with 3 or more unexcused absences in 4 weeks or 10 unexcused absences in 6 months. Excessive tardies will also be reported to the court system.


If a student must leave school before 2:57 pm, the person picking up the student must sign the student out from the office. They must provide identification to verify that the person has authority to pick up the student. Students will be released only to persons listed in their file.  Any changes to a parent’s contact information or authorized pick up list must be done in person by the enrolling parent. We cannot accept changes to child records over the phone. Please make sure your contact information is current with the office and your child’s teacher. In case of an emergency, we need to be able to reach you.


Parents that wish to visit during the day for a conference or to volunteer are encouraged to make an appointment with the teacher beforehand. For the safety of our students and staff, all visitors are to report to the office where the ID will be checked and a visitor’s pass will be given.  Visitors, including parents, must show a picture ID before being allowed to visit classrooms or other areas.


We encourage parents to volunteer whenever possible. ALL parents and family members wanting to volunteer at the school or attend field trips MUST HAVE ATTENDED A VOLUNTEER TRAINING CLASS.  Announcements will be made throughout the school year indicating the dates and time for upcoming classes.


Breakfast is served from 7:10-7:35 am. Parents may eat with their children for breakfast, but need to bring their own breakfast. Lunch times are scheduled by classroom; please check with your teacher for the exact time. Parents may come and eat lunch with their child only (they may not bring other students) on Wednesdays and Fridays starting the 4th week of school. Parents may load money onto their child’s account by visiting online at or by paying cash in the cafeteria.


Any medication to be given at school must be sent to the Nurse in its original container along with proper utensils for dispensing the medication. A signed permission form (obtained from the Nurse) must also be submitted. Parents of children with food allergies should contact the Nurse for action plans. This year 1st is nut-free and 2nd & 4th are Nut/Dairy free. Kinder is nut, egg, and dairy free.  Please see your teacher for detailed information.


Personal electronics and cell phones should not be brought to school. Items will be confiscated and sent to the office for safekeeping until a parent can come pick it up. THES and AISD are not responsible for lost or stolen personal items.


Birthday parties, flowers, or balloons for a student’s birthday are NOT allowed in the classroom. Students may share healthy snacks with classmates on their birthday at the end of the day (no earlier than 2:35 pm). Please notify the teacher beforehand that you will be sending snacks so as to reduce distractions to learning time. PK, Kinder, 1st, 2nd & 4th grades have specific allergies, so please see your teacher for appropriate snacks. Parents may not eat lunch with their student on their birthday unless it is Wednesday or Friday.


Travis Heights does not provide after school care, but we are partnered with the following organizations: Extend-A-Care (512) 472-9402; Creative Action (512) 442-8773; Boys & Girls Club (512) 203-3591.


This is a monthly forum where parents can communicate directly with school administration about issues, concerns, and feedback.  These meetings are usually held the last Friday of each month in the cafeteria.


The Parent and Teacher Association (PTA) is an organization dedicated to parents and teachers working together to improve the school.  They meet monthly to discuss topics of interest and to organize special events.

The Campus Advisory Council (CAC) aka Thunderboard is a council of parents, staff, and community representatives who stay involved in the planning, budgeting, curriculum, staffing and organization of Travis Heights Elementary.  They meet once a month.  More info on both organizations can be found online at


Every child is encouraged to read, either by themselves or with a parent, for 20 minutes daily.  Each grade level has a different policy regarding homework; please see your child’s teacher for more information on homework expectations.


Every child receives recess or active movement daily, weather permitting. We do not allow teachers to withhold recess from students for discipline or non-completed work.



Follow directions the first time (hear it/do it).

Remain seated and raise hand to speak.


Work during work time giving your best effort.


Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself.


Speak kindly and listen to all.


Scholars ask questions, make time to learn, and do quality work.

A Thunderbird ROCKS!


Thunderbirds united

Faithful strong and true
Thunderbirds united

Good at all we do
Boys and girls together
Cheerful, brave, and bright!
Here’s to the red!

Here’s to the white!
Here’s to Travis Heights!